About Autopedia

PT Autopedia Sukses Lestari Tbk (“ASLC”), part of ASSA Group, engages in the automotive sector with businesses ranging from car and motorcycle auctions, online car buying and selling, and as a data provider for car and motorcycle prices. 

Autopedia’s automotive auction business is managed by its Subsidiary, PT JBA Indonesia (JBA), one of the biggest vehicle auctions in Indonesia. On average, JBAI serves more than 100,000 customers annually and consistently maintains 40% of market share. Additionally, Autopedia has launched a brand called Caroline, a platform for online and offline (O2O) car buying and selling catered to retail customers. 

Innovation is the key for Autopedia in building the a complete car buying and selling ecosystem, and thus the Company created CARTALOG, the only website which provides information on vehicle prices in Indonesia. This site is equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that provides reliable information. 

In accordance with Autopedia's vision, which is to become the most trusted omni channel marketplace for automotive, Autopedia will continue to build an ecosystem for buying and selling used vehicles both online and offline for all consumer segments, whether corporate, small businesses or individuals. 

To become the most trusted Omni Channel automotive marketplace.
We dedicate ourselves in maximizing & serving customers through application of technology, excellent financial management and reliable management team.
Autopedia Transformation Through Time
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Brand Philosophy

Inspired by the symbol “Fast Foward”

The Autopedia logo is inspired by the “Fast Forward” symbol or acceleration, which describes Autopedia as a technology based company that prioritizes speed in adopting the relevant and best technology, becoming a visionary amidst all future business trend to become the trusted Omni Channel automotive marketplace.


Autopedia’s logo is also dynamic as it can be read as an “A”, while on the other hand can also be seen as “P”, representing Autopedia’s capability to meet with the everchanging customer’s needs and demand along with the development of the times.

This logo also represents other ideas such as growth, movement, and speed.

The blue color in this logo represents the reliability, expertise, and Autopedia’s commitment to provide a transparent service and added value for the customers.