About Autopedia

PT Autopedia Sukses Lestari (Autopedia) Tbk consists of various automotive-related business fields. Starting with car and motorcycle auctions, moving on to online car buying and selling, and providing data on car and motorcycle prices.
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Our Business


Caroline.id is platform for buying and selling car with 3 main services which consist of buy, sell, and trade in that can be accessed online or directly offline from Caroline.id's showroom.

JBA Indonesia

PT JBA Indonesia is an automotive auction with a vision to become a vehicle buying and selling platform by continuously applying digital technology to auction services and operations since 2011.

Bursa Mobil Autopedia

Bursa Mobil Autopedia (BMA) is a car buying and selling marketplace that connects used car dealers, both buyers and sellers.


Cartalog is the only website which provides information on vehicle prices in Indonesia. This site is equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that provides reliable information.